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Simply Drug Testing is one of the leading suppliers of drug and alcohol testing kits in the UK. We don’t just sell drug testing supplies, we also offer training in drug and alcohol awareness & testing procedures should you require this prior to carrying out your own testing.

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Upcoming dates and locations of our Combined Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Testing Procedures Training Course

If you are considering offering drug and alcohol testing in the workplace, this course is for you.

The course content includes:
 The awareness module learning components

  • The main drugs of choice and UK drug trends
  • Drug impairment and how drugs will affect performance in different ways.
  • The signs, symptoms and recognition of drug and alcohol use
  • Legal Highs – Current legislation & how they can impact on workplace drug policies
  • Alcohol the facts
  • How to calculate alcohol decay rates
  • The legal status and classification of drugs
  • Drug and alcohol from a health and safety perspective

Drug and alcohol testing, training module

The training course will give you the tools to help you to set up or offer your own testing procedures.

The course will teach you when testing can be carried out and how it can be carried out. We will help you to work out the most cost effective ways of testing & the types of tests available to help you to achieve your aims.

Our competitors insist that you use one type of test only. We explain the differences between the testing methods so that you can make an informed decision about what type of testing suits you and your business.

The course typically covers:

  • Testing methods and detection times for both drugs and alcohol
  • Retention times for the most popular drugs
  • Testing procedures – this involves delegates testing each other during the course, to ensure deep seated learning.
  • Conducting the tests
  • Reading the results
  • Recording the results
  • What to do with staff who provide non-negative test results
  • Understanding false positive and false negative results
  • Performing Chain of Custody tests
  • Taking breath samples for alcohol testing
  • The taking of prescription and over the counter medications and the resulting implications/challenges for Companies.

The training takes you through the clinical processes and procedures for taking samples, and ensuring that both initial point of care tests and second line ‘chain of custody’ samples are taken in conditions, which make the testing legally defensible.

The training will take you through the differences between urine and saliva testing, including the advantages and disadvantages of both types of testing. It will also cover the difference in using Police approved breath testing machines versus, one off alcohol tests.

By the end of the training you will have gained the knowledge and practical skills to enable you to move forward with your own testing. In addition we give you continuous ongoing support to give you peace of mind.

In addition we give you the training booklets, consent forms, the guidelines for conducting urine and/or saliva testing, help formulating drug policies, and certification.

All this for £245.00 + VAT fully inclusive. Please contact us to book your place.

All courses £245.00 + VAT fully inclusive. Please contact us to book your place.

  • October 2nd 2019 London – £245.00 – Full 1 day course
  • October 22nd 2019 Glasgow – £245.00 – Full 1 day course
  • November 13th 2019 London – £245.00 – Full 1 day course
  • November 27th 2019 Manchester – £245.00 – Full 1 Day Course
  • January 21st 2020 London – £245.00 – Full 1 Day Course
  • February 4th 2020 Newcastle – £245.00 – Full 1 day course

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Drug Testing Procedures Training.

We teach you how to drug and alcohol test your own employees.

Drug & Alcohol Awareness & Toolbox Training.

We offer various training courses and sessions to help you provide a safer working environment.

Drug & Alcohol sample collection training.

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Drug & Alcohol Sample Collection & laboratory services.

We test your employees for you at your workplace.

We work with companies who use drug and alcohol testing on a regular basis, so we know the types of tests that are effective, easy to use and provide the right results.

The laboratory we use for all our Chain Of Custody testing is UKAS accredited.

We don’t believe that drug testing should be a complicated process, so we only stock items in which we have complete confidence. These tests are easy to use and to read the results. If you don’t want to carry out the testing yourself, we offer a full testing procedures service.

We can also offer help and advice with company drug policies.


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