Drug & Alcohol Awareness and Testing


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The Awareness Module learning components

  • The main drugs of choice and uk drug trends
  • Drug impairment and how drugs will affect performance in different ways.
  • The signs, symptoms and recognition of drug and alcohol use
  • The four main drug groups
  • Legal Highs – how they can impact on workplace drug policies
  • Alcohol: the facts
  • How to calculate alcohol decay rates
  • The legal status and classification of drugs
  • Drug and alcohol from a health and safety perspective

Goals—by the end of the course participants will:

  • Have an understanding of the physical and behavioural signs and symptoms
    of drug and alcohol use
  • Know how to calculate alcohol decay rates
  • Recognise patterns of behaviour that may indicate drug or alcohol use.
  • Be able to recognise the main drugs of choice and the ways in which they are taken

Drug and Alcohol Testing, training module

Have you considered the testing of employees for drugs and alcohol, or are you already doing so? If so this course might be useful to you.

The training course will give you tools to help you to set up your own testing procedures. Including first line, instant tests and chain of custody testing. It will also help your company to decide what to do with regards to ‘legal highs’, and the potential for using field impairment tests.

We will help you to work out the most cost effective ways of testing, for either ‘for cause’ testing or ‘random’ and the types available depending on what you want to achieve from the testing itself.

The course typically covers:

  • Testing methods and detection times for both drugs and alcohol
  • Retention times for the most popular drugs
  • Testing procedures – this involves all delegates testing each other during the course as a learning tool.
  • Conducting the tests
  • Reading the results
  • Recording the results
  • What to do with staff who test positive.
  • Performing Chain of Custody tests
  • Advice on the best suppliers of testing kits and laboratory services.

We can help you to improve your companies drug and alcohol policy, and provide you with the training necessary to be able to conduct your own tests and to take chain of custody samples for laboratory testing, if you decide to go on to discipline staff tested positive.

What we offer all in one place, that our competitors don’t.  Included in the cost of the training is:

All ongoing help, support and advice

Access to all consent forms, guidelines and video links used in the training

A review of your company drug and alcohol policy

Awareness training, that helps our clients understand how and why the testing works

Access to our laboratory for Chain of Custody testing

Certification through our company

Supply of drug kits and breathalysers at very competitive prices