DSD 863 FYL (Fentanyl) 6 in 1 saliva direct drug testing kit


6 in 1 direct saliva drug testing kit.

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This 6 in 1 direct saliva drug testing kit is a collect and run testing device. It starts to test as soon as sufficient saliva has been absorbed, making it more difficult invalidate the test.

This drug testing kit is right up to date with modern UK drug trends and screens for many of the drugs not normally screened for on drug testing kits.

  • CE FDA ISO TUV and IVDD certified
  • 99% accuracy
  • Read results within 5 minutes
  • Easy to use & and easy to read

Screens for the following drugs:
Oxycodone 20ng/ml
Katamine 50ng/ml
Methadone 30ng/ml
Tramadol 30ngml
K2 Spice 25ng/ml
Fentanyl 20ng/ml

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