Workplace Drug and Alcohol saliva testing combination pack


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20 x UK Drug testing 6 in 1 + alcohol saliva drug test DSD 877.

2 x Saliva Laboratory GC/MS test, Chain of custody confirmation tests for 1 drug group.

100 Latex powder-free gloves.


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The 6 in 1 saliva drug tests are our most popular selling saliva drug tests. They are easy to use and results can be read within 5 minutes. Saliva tests can be carried out anywhere making them the preferred choice of tests where taking urine sample is restrictive, and they are less invasive than urine. Each kit is individually foil wrapped.

Screens for the following drugs: Cannabis (Parent THC) Cocaine, Opiates, Amphetamine, Methadone, Benzodiazepines & alcohol.

The Laboratory GC/MS test, confirmation drug test should be performed on all non negative Point of Care Tests (POCT) Laboratory confirmation testing using GC /MS remains the gold standard in drug testing.

The report will confirm the presence of a drug, and report the levels found in saliva of the drug and its common metabolites.

This pack contains everything you need to do this.

If you need more than one drug confirming then the lab will bill you for this as an additional cost.

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