Urine confirmation testing is recommended on all workplace POCT non negative results, even where a saliva test has been used as the initial POCT kit. If a split key cup urine POCT has been used it is possible to run the confirmation drug test on the original urine specimen.

The pack also allows for the collection of a new urine sample to be processed. The test is used to confirm the presence of a drug, to identify drug group and metabolites and reports on the absolute levels of each in urine. To have a confirmation test performed the urine sample must be sent to the laboratory in the pre-paid pack.

This pack contains everything you need to do this.

The cost is per drug. If you need more than one drug confirming, then the lab will bill you for this as an additional cost.

Results are normally available within 72 hours of sample receipt, e-mailed to the e-mail given in the order.